See why I’m cynical, Economic disaster

Black Fridays sales up 3% from last year. 

But how can that be.  Everyone is hurting.  Every politician and economic pundit is saying so.  I guess hurting doesn’t mean broke.  Yet…


How bad is the economy?

Roger Kimball has a pretty good article over a PJ media

When the media stops beating the end of the earth drum we’ll find out things aren’t nearly as bad as they would have you believe.  What we do have is a correction.  Not just in financial institutions but in homes across America.  You can’t spend your way to financial bliss.  You better be saving somewhere.

If you do, you’ll watch in fascination as the country runs around in a panic.

Michelle Rhee – Education in Washington DC

The Lightning Rod

This Atlantic article is pretty interesting.  Michelle Rhee the new Schools Chancellor ( A recent position) seems to be shaking things up in DC with Education.  It appears the old guard doesn’t want change, nope they are plenty happy with terrible schools and keeping kids down.

Rhee, responsible not to a school board but only to the mayor, went on
a spree almost as soon as she arrived. She gained the right to fire
central-office employees and then axed 98 of them. She canned 24
principals, 22 assistant principals, and, at the beginning of this
summer, 250 teachers and 500 teaching aides. She announced plans to
close 23 underused schools and set about restructuring 26 other schools
(together, about a third of the system). And she began negotiating a
radical performance-based compensation contract with the teachers union
that could revolutionize the way teachers get paid.

That will get some attention.

Im with you Uncle Jimbo on Obama

This is a comment I left at Blackfive and Uncle Jimbos post” Good Luck to President Obama”.

Jimbo, I gotta go with you on this. Obama is my President, not the one I wanted but the one the people of the United States voted for. While I may question some of those votes the fact remains until Obama does something against the law or the constitution I will support him as President.

It does not mean I must support all ideas, policies or direction he may lead this country. But we that lean right are not the same people stand in the streets insulting old women and young military members or anyone else for that matter.

We must learn to promote an agenda that is more in line with the founding fathers but not at the expensive of civility and decency.

I hope Obama leads from common sense and not from those the fought so hard to get him elected.

If he does he will gain more than my support but my respect. This country must be better than the sum of the far left.

Quantum of Solace. Jame Bond is action

With Mondays off I often get a chance to see matinee movies. Today was Quantum of Solace, the newest James Bond film. About six months ago I re-read Casino Royal, not the film version but Ian Flemming’s original novel. It reminded me why I like the newest version of Bond. In the novels as in this film Bond is a hard ass. Daniel Craig pulls that off well.

In this sequel Bond is after those that killed Vesper his love interest in Casino Royal. In the process he learns of a group that appears to have infiltrated nearly every government including the British Secret Service. The film would have been better had a little more effort went into the dialog. We know Bond is angry but we never feel he’s really out of control as his controllers seem to think. That should have been developed a little more.

It is however an action film more than anything else and in that realm it delivers. Action is how this film begins and ends with few breaks in between.

The only real downside was how America and the CIA were portrayed. Once again we see the US as willing to install any dictator as long as we get something out of the deal and yet the British in General are seen as the saviors. Hey Bond is British Secret Service so I just ignored that part.

All in all though it was enjoyable and that’s really what I’m looking for in a movie.