IRR a good idea? I don’t think so.

An issue that is often sited by the left is the activation of IRR (Inividual Ready Reserves) soldiers. These are soldiers that have done a active tour and left with time remaining on their total obligation. When someone enlist they incur an eight year obligation. This is spelled out clearly and I’ve never met anyone that didn’t know this. Of course there are very dumb people out there that don’t listen when signing a long term commitment like enlisting.

So the issue is if someone has completed their initial enlistment for active duty and move to the IRR should they really have to show up if activated? Yes they do, but is it wise to have an IRR? I can’t defend someone who refuses to show up when they agreed to the commitment. But I don’t think it’s a very good idea to use this tool that is basically a draft for those who have already served.

There are advantages to IRR soldiers. They are already trained. They know the system and what to expect. They have also already served their country and dragging them from a new career and life they have created outside of the military probably doesn’t create great motivation.

I don’t like the IRR concept. Just as I don’t like a draft. I want completely willing soldiers next to me in battle not someone angry or distracted.

I do think that for IRR soldiers it should be simplified to get back in if they desire. Believe it or not many don’t come back due to the disdain for the MEP (Military Entrance Processing Station) system which is a mess. I personally wouldn’t go through MEPs again for any reason.

For prior service personnel MEPS is a test in anger management. I’d fail these days.


Half of IRR Call-ups Seek Delays, Deferments; Hundreds Are No-Shows

Soldier refused to go to Iraq


Friday Parachute Jump

Ok, so I haven’t started leave yet so still been kind of busy.

Yesterday we had a jump in Watkins, CO. The plan was a Chinook and two Black Hawks. You really can’t beat that for jump platforms. I mean they’re the easiest to jump from. I was on the first chalk first stick which meant I would be one of the first jumping. This was all with a nasty head cold I’ve developed.

We rigged parachutes at the Watkins armory where the aircraft were landing then flying the three miles or so to DZ Bugeater. The winds seemed calm where we loaded the aircraft before we moved to the drop zone. I was on the first pass out and the exit went well. What we all found out pretty quickly was the winds at altitude were pretty high. We were jumping the SF-10 parachute which is somewhat steerable and has a pretty good forward thrust. At zero brakes facing into the wind I was still being pushed back at a considerable rate. This meant regardless of what I wanted I would be doing a rear PLF (parachute landing fall).

My landing was not the hardest I’ve had but was a bit rough. The wind caught my chute and re-inflated the canopy and pulled me about ten feet before I could get the canopy release unhooked which deflated my chute and I stopped. Not a bad first jump after a deployment.

The second pass was delayed as the winds jumped over the wind limit. After waiting about 15 minutes the second pass was a go. They found the winds gusting on them as their chutes opened and one person had a tough landing into a fence. He was cut up a bit but not too bad.

That was the last pass as the winds stayed above the wind limit and we were on a time line for a welcome home ceremony later that day.

I won’t say much about the welcome home ceremony since this was more for the BN than our Company which had theirs the day we landed in Fort Carson and very few of us in the company had any desire to be there at all.

Anyway that was basically my Friday. Now to get over this cold and take the family to the movies.

We will probably see WALL-E.

Back in Colorado

Well I’m back in Colorado.  I’m glad.  Kentucky was nice but too humid for me.  Of course here at 5500ft the oxygen seems to be lacking but I’ll get used to that again. 

I’m busy now demobilizing so not much posting yet but soon.


Deputies park their autos to save money. How about walking a beat again?

El Paso County, Colorado

Now the title may sound a bit angry but it’s not at all. It’s just that with gas prices going so high and Sheriffs feeling the pinch why not send young deputy Jones out in the neighborhood to meet the people. Guess what if they know you their more likely to talk to you and well sometimes that’s known to produce good information. Just saying….

Obama and HIllary

I must admit I’m surprised. I did not believe Obama would take the nomination from the self appointed Democrat leader. I figured with the Clinton camp working overtime this guy from nowhere with such a weak and extreme left voting record would be smoked. I was wrong. But I think the key here is her friends. It seems some people she thought would not turn on her in fact did. But then so did the media who up till now hardly mentioned a bad word about Mrs. Clinton.

So now we go to the election with McCain and Obama and what I thought a year ago would be a democrat route may indeed be a fight to watch. I will probably be laughing more than anything, mostly to keep from crying.