Syria says CIA made it all up

Syria’s ambassador to the United States said Friday that the CIA fabricated pictures allegedly taken inside a secret Syrian nuclear reactor and predicted that in the coming weeks the U.S. story about the site would “implode from within.”

Ok, This would require CIA competence.  I just don’t buy it.  😉


Soldier acquitted of killing

Jury Acquits Soldier Charged in Killing of Unarmed Iraqi

Corrales, 35, admitted to shooting the man after his platoon burst into a house in the village of Al Saheed near Kirkuk last June. The platoon was looking for insurgents they suspected of firing at U.S. helicopters and planting roadside bombs.

But Corrales argued the killing fell within the rules of engagement governing the use of deadly force. He pleaded not guilty to all three charges.

Heres a concept, get JAG off the G** damn battlefield so we can do our jobs. Every mission is checked by a lawyer these days before, during and after. WTF.

Just saying.

No Wait.  Lets get JAG on the Battlefield and out of those air conditioned offices and let them face a PKC firing at their asses.  Then see where they stand of ROE.

What I want

Ok as I’m thinking about home and what I want to do. One of the things is to ride. Now here is what I have. A 2003 Suzuki Volusia, green and sliver.

This what I want.

2007 Harley Softtail Delux, Olive green-pearl and black.

Now to figure out how to get it.


Proud Army Mom (Yankee mom) inspired this post.  I was visiting her site and she had a very nice poem up and it reminded me of some poems I like.  Here is one of them.


More than half beaten, but fearless,
Facing the storm and the night;
Breathless and reeling but tearless,
Here in the lull of the fight,
I who bow not but before thee,
God of the fighting Clan,
Lifting my fists, I implore Thee,
Give me the heart of a Man!

What though I live with the winners
Or perish with those who fall?
Only the cowards are sinners,
Fighting the fight is all.
Strong is my foe–he advances!
Snapt is my blade, O Lord!
See the proud banners and lances!
Oh, spare me this stub of a sword!

Give me no pity, nor spare me;
Calm not the wrath of my Foe.
See where he beckons to dare me!
Bleeding, half beaten–I go.
Not for the glory of winning,
Not for the fear of the night;
Shunning the battle is sinning–
Oh, spare me the heart to fight!

Red is the mist about me;
Deep is the wound in my side;
“Coward” thou criest to flout me?
O terrible Foe, thou hast lied!
Here with my battle before me,
God of the fighting Clan,
Grant that the woman who bore me
Suffered to suckle a Man!

_John G. Neihardt._

From “The Quest” (collected lyrics).

Cigars of the moment

A few of us here on the team and attachment members occasionally smoke cigars.  We aren’t elitist types or anything so it’s not like we are sitting here smoking anything too exotic.  But we like to try new brands and when the extra cash or opportunity arises we will check out the expensive (snob) cigars also.

So my wife sent a box of Alec Bradley “Spirit of Cuba” Robustos. Not knowing what to buy she asked the tobacconist for some suggestions.  He claimed some doctor in the Colorado Springs buys these all the time.   Well I don’t know why that would make them any good but hey gotta go on something.

I’ve shared them around a little and the consensus seems to be that they’re pretty good.  At around $30 for a box of 25, a damn good price.

We compared them to a buddies Monte Christos and found both to be quit pleasant.

Now true cigar afficianados may disagree but hey these beat the hell out of the PX Swisher Sweets.  😉

If I only had some scotch, Vodka or hell anything like alcohol to go with them I’d be set.  Damn inconvenient war or rather rules that go with this war.

Men are more forgetful and women hate it.

Are men really more forgetful than women?

…Men are more likely than women to have problems with memory and other
thinking skills, symptoms considered to be an early stage of dementia,
research suggests…

…The new study, to be presented at an annual meeting of the American
Academy of Neurology in Chicago this week, expands the field of
research on aging and memory into a touchy arena — cognitive differences among men and women…

…Men were one-and-a-half times more likely to have mild cognitive
impairment than women. The prevalence in men increased from 12 percent
in men ages 70 to 74 up to 40 percent in the oldest age group, ages 85
to 89. “This was an unexpected finding,” Roberts said during a press
briefing, referring to the difference between men and women….

Perhaps it’s simply that men let go of the past while women hold on to every fact that may lend itself at some future point in time to persecuting men. It has been a point of anger for women the men can forget them and their insults within moments of the act taking place.

Thank god they issue me body armor….. LMAO

Which Vodka do you drink?

After Absolutes dumb A** display marketing with the “absolute world” display of Mexico extending over California and other southwest states. Skyy Vodka has responded with support for the treaty which gave America this land. The uproar has led to a number of people saying screw you Absolute. Well since Skyy vodka is produced here in the US it’s not hard for me to pick. Actually I’ve been drinking Skyy for some time now. It’s relatively inexpensive and good. Those are my general requirements for just about anything. But with this row it’s even easier to pick. The only thing Skyy has going against it is the company is from San Francisco California. Oh well

30 days of night – review

Last night I watched 30 days of night, a horror film with Josh Hartnet. It’s set in Barrow Alaska and it’s about a group of Vampires taking over the town during the month long time that Barrow gets no sunlight. I’m not sure how much sunlight Barrow actually gets during this period but I lived in Fairbanks so yeah there is a time that the sun just barely breaks the horizon so with Barrow even further north I’ll go with it.

This is a bit of a gore fest but not nearly as bad as other recent horror films so you might have to look away a couple times if you squeamish, of course I don’t know why you’d watch a horror movie if your squeamish anyway.

Josh Hartnet plays the town sheriff that must find away to last out the 30 days until the sun shines and it’s possible to reach the outside world again. I find Josh as the sheriff a bit tough to buy but it’s a small point.

The action is pretty good and the horror pretty intense. Thats all good. But the film did seem to jump around a bit. The thirty days are crammed into 90 minutes or so and I know that’s hard to do. It just seems a bit choppy. That hurt my rating a bit.

Overall I liked the film but it’s not going to be a horror classic for me. If you have time to kill though and some popcorn it’s fun.

*** out of *****