Shooting techniques are changing

One shot one Kill

This is the correct way to train. The traditional BRM (Basic Rifle Marksmanship) wasn’t training soldiers in the skills they actually needed on the battlefield. But luckily there are some in the military that have seen this and are trying to change it. The SOF community seen this years ago and while they must continue with the standard qualification range the actual training is based on Shooting and moving.

I have no doubt this shoot-move method has saved American lives and removed terrorist from the battlefield for good.

Why did it take so long for the regular Army to discover this? Simple, in peacetime while it’s great to preach train as you fight it also involves more risk, at least on paper. Commanders looking to make their next promotion don’t want risk. Risk in the past meant a bad OER which in turn meant no promotion or limited future promotions. It always takes a war to change that mentality as commanders actually lose troops due to the inability to shoot accurate fire on the battlefield. Then they find once again find their careers in jeopardy. One would think that common sense would be the main ingredient to training plans but it has never been that way.

This is a good thing.


Quotes to study on…

 Quotes to be savored.

John J. Rambo: Are you bringing in any weapons ?
Burnett: Of course not.
John J. Rambo: You’re not changin’ anything…

John J. Rambo: When you’re pushed, killing’s as easy as breathing.

As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also.
Thomas Jefferson

Sunday liquor run.. whoo hoo

Liquor stores likely to open on Sundays. 

Looks like you will be able to buy some booze on Sundays in Colorado.  Well since that’s were I reside when not in foreign lands I’m pretty happy about this.  I used get a little irritated that I would be forced to drive on post to grab a bottle for a nice drink after mowing the lawn or working out on Sundays.  Granted a well prepared fella would have plenty in stock but I really don’t drink enough to stock up.

Admiral Fallon resigns

Adm Fallon tendered his resignation as the CENTCOM commander. I have read the article in Esquire. Adm Fallon was either duped by the magazine writers and editors into an administrative hack job or he simply didn’t want the job. I don’t believe he was duped so must assume he didn’t want the job. His record indicates he simply didn’t believe in the prosecution of this war or any future was as the administration did. This is a problem. Much of what I’ve read leads me to believe he was not the man for this job.

Last September, the Washington Post reported sources saying that Adm Fallon believed the surge in Iraq “was not working”.

This statement was an indicator of what was to come. The surge had just begun to take hold. Yet he didn’t see it that way.

If you disagree with the policy and the job then don’t take it. If you take it you must fight it to victory and not waver or give mixed signals to friends and enemy alike. OH and stay the hell out of style magazines like Esquire.

He stepped down and that is commendable I suppose. Although I would think the pressure to fire him would be mounting by now.

Deadly attack in seminary. Just another day for Hezbollah and Hamas

I wonder what it will take for an ok to end Hezbollah or Hamas? I doubt this will. To conduct terror attacks with near impunity must be an interesting feeling.

JERUSALEM (CNN) — Sources in Gaza say Thursday’s deadly
attack on a Jewish seminary in Jerusalem was planned by a group called
the Free Men of Galilee — an operation with purported ties to
Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group in Lebanon.

The information was provided to CNN amid news reports that Hamas, the
Palestinian movement that runs Gaza, claimed responsibility for the

But according to CNN’s sources, Hamas in the West Bank
and Gaza is not claiming responsibility for the attack, and the Hamas
military wing says it had nothing to do with the shootings.

sources say the shooter was a member of Hamas but was acting on
marching orders from outside Gaza and the West Bank. Hezbollah is based
in Lebanon; Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is exiled in Syria.

Banned uniforms in UK? WTF

Here is the wrong answer to a problem.

LONDON, England (CNN) — British Royal Air Force commanders are urging more than 2,000 personnel at a base in eastern England not to wear their uniforms in public after the troops reportedly faced months of verbal attacks from nearby anti-war residents.

Here is the right answer to the same problem.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is condemning the alleged
harassment towards the soldiers and encouraging military personnel to
wear their uniforms.

“All our armed forces should be encouraged
to wear uniform in public,” said Brown. “I condemn absolutely any
members of the public who show abuse or discrimination to our armed

I would add the UK forces be encouraged to vigorously defend troops that vigorously defend themselves from any attacks verbal or otherwise.

It seems the British military leadership would rather give in to thugs and uncivilized turds than do their jobs of defending their nation. Sorry state. But at least Brown’s response seems correct.