Drunk voting, at least you’ll feel good that way.

With Mitt Romney suspending his presidential campaign it appears John McCain will be the GOP candidate. I have stated in the past I will never vote for McCain. This is true and I will not. In past elections I criticized those that did not vote saying in essence they did vote but for the other party’s candidate. Well I stand by that also. I must say my vote whether at the polling booth or at my home will not be for McCain regardless.

The Republican leadership is dead or at least in hiding. Have you seen them anywhere? I haven’t.

I am in general a conservative. I don’t believe in many of the high profile conservative causes but I do believe in the basics of limited government, low taxes and national security. There isn’t one candidate now that holds to those objectives. I mean all three of them. Just one won’t do.

I don’t care about the abortion issue, I think immigration is a huge problem but don’t subscribe to a wall necessarily.

I don’t think we need more laws but rather fewer laws that we actually enforce.

So this election has very little to do with me. If you think Iraq is the key issue I would suggest Iraq is already forgotten.

In the end I will be drunk voting. If Stephen Green can drunk blog I can drunk vote. I doubt the election will be adversely affected.


6 thoughts on “Drunk voting, at least you’ll feel good that way.

  1. Hey don’t let it get to ya, somewhere down the road the Right joined with the left . I just hope the price was right because I think we are about to see what’s behind curtain # 1 2 &3.Lol Dammed if this ain’t gonna drive me back to the happy hour.:) Take care and be careful.

  2. I would have to agree…don’t really like mccain…but my biggest problem is with staying in iraq indefinatley..So none of the republicans are impressing me at this point..

  3. JB Sr , Oh How I remember the Happy Hours we had……Roofing in the Old Days was a lot of Fun…..
    And your right…Young JB should just chill cause I think the next President has already been elected and there is nothing we can do about it…

    I’ll Drink to that….

  4. JB, allow me to make your 1st Martini and propose a toast to the memory of the Reagan years. Long may they be remembered and someday repeated.
    You’re one of the first people I’ve seen with the honesty and guts to voice this opinion publicly, (myself included,) and if nothing else it’s nice to know I’m not the only one wondering who I’m going to vote for when the very few folks I had considered as possibilities began dropping off the ballot like flies. Those remaining are simply not an option for me.
    You’re offering the best suggestion to this dilemma I’ve seen so far, so I guess it’s time to stock up on my Maker’s Mark and 13 round magazines in preparation for November and the years that follow.

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