Prince Harry at war?

It appears Prince Harry has spent the last ten weeks in Afghanistan.  The British press had agreed to not report the news till Harry was safely home.  Several news sources outside of England got the story and ran with it.  The Drudge Report gets most of the credit but I’m not sure it wasn’t reported by Germany news first.  Either way the news is out.

My thoughts on this are mixed.  First I would congratulate the Prince on joining our ranks as veterans.  The British news reports that are now openly talking about the deployments are a bit corny.  But I’m sure Harry is doing fine.

I like Harry.  He doesn’t fit the mold.  He’s rebellious yet dutiful.  Not politically correct and hell that’s what the world needs more of.  I remember when we were all informed that he would not be going to Iraq.  He stated he would quit.  It appears in the long run he won.  Good job.

I don’t know however if I like that fact that this was leaked and displayed on Drudge or any other news report.  I for one could have waited till Harry was home to hear of his exploits.  Another safe soldier is more important that this story.

So with that I’ll wish Prince Harry the best of luck.


Harry Knowles and Rambo

You know sometimes I wonder why I haven’t got a link to this web page or that. Well I’ll be adding one soon. Aint it cool is a movie review web site. Those of you that like science fiction and comics might know this site already.

What I love about it is the descriptive reviews. Below is the last few paragraphs of a review by Harry on Rambo. Anyway if you want a movie review nothing like Ebert and Roper than check this place out.

How many bullets were fired in the MATRIX films without any REAL
damage? Here… Stallone reminds you what this shit does. He grabs you
by the scruff of the neck and shakes you to say – THIS IS WHAT MODERN
WARFARE AND HELL LOOKS LIKE! And it is glorious.

When you see RAMBO this weekend – be prepared, cuz when the film
knocks it up to that final gear… jesus will weep – and you will cheer!

RAMBO would kick Jason Bourne’s pansy ass!

global warming isn’t dead

Snow cover over North America and much of Siberia, Mongolia and China is greater than at any time since 1966.

This of course can’t be.  Oh wait it’s just a fluke, as a matter of fact it’s really a byproduct of global warming.  Yeah see with global warming the climates gets so confused that sometimes it refreezes.  But don’t think for a second that global warming is over.  Oh no there is still a lot of money to be made on the line.  Then on to the new Ice Age. 

Was I wrong? Hillary, Obama

Last last year I posted that I thought Hillary would destroy Obama in the Democrat primaries.  It could be I was wrong.  It seems Hillary got a little overconfident and didn’t see this coming.  The media didn’t follow the script and have picked Obama as their sweetheart.  I bet Hillary is fuming.  How dare those that defended the Clinton’s for so long and after so many issues abandon her now?

My guess?  Well the media like to play king maker.  And the bigger the upset the happier they are.  Frankly I think Obama is weak and have more faith that Hillary is much more capable to lead this country down the democrat rat whole.  Oh Obama will of course do that also if elected but I believe Hillary would be more efficient.   Beside they really like Bill not Hillary anyway.

Now the election will be interesting even though regardless of the results still disappointing.


I love encyclopedias.  When I was young my parents bought a set of World Book Encyclopedias.  They choose World Book over Britannica due to the fact that my sister and I were young and World Book seemed to have more pictures.  Britannica appeared too academic I guess.I think I picked up a volume everyday for many years.  I loved to just thumb through it.  I loved the color photographs and the detail of each article.  It wasn’t until later I realized how much reference material each article had and how useful that could be.

Today with the internet some question if encyclopedias are a thing of the past.  Why pay for a set of books with information one can just look up on the internet?  Well here is my answer to that.  Many of the things I learned or was introduced to would come from just flipping through the pages of those World Book volumes.  I often had no particular subject I was interested in yet many times I would find the most fascinating articles and that would spur me to further research.  Plus I just like the feel of a real book.  I don’t like reading in depth articles online.  When I run across something like that online I print it then read.  That way I can highlight or mark certain sections and flip back on forth easily.  Some may say you can do that online and you can sort of but it’s a pain in the rear.

I looked recently at the offerings of World Book and Britannica and was amazed at the price.  I knew they were expensive even when I was young.  Britannica’s current price for a 2007 32 volume set and it is $1395.00.  Is that high?  I don’t really know.  I tried to look up World Book but got a script error so I’ll check on that again later.  But as I recall it’s up there to.

Point is I like encyclopedias and would like to get set for my family.  But dang you pay a price for real books these days.

Afghan folly

80 Killed in a suicide bombing in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  In a brazen attack on Afghanis attending a dog fight a suicide bomber stuck killing one of the most respected anti-Taliban commanders in that country.  Abdul Hakim a guerrilla leader that led attacks against the soviets appears to have been the target.  This is certainly a blow to the security of Afghanistan.

The past few years the Taliban has been on the rise.  Why?  How?  When I left in 2003 they were nearly non existent.  Yes, they conducted small attacks here and there but nothing as bold as the recent attacks made in and around Kandahar.  What is different now?

The difference appears to be a force not willing to actually fight the Taliban.  I’m not talking about the soldiers on the ground.  While I was there nearly every ISAF soldier was willing to take the fight to the Taliban yet their leadership even more risk averse than ours wouldn’t let them out the gate.  As the fight was turned over to NATO weakness prevailed.  Appeasement was the plan not destruction of an enemy force.  This has allowed a resurgence in the Taliban along with a bumper crop of poppy.

The US was certainly not innocent in this.  It was only a few months after our initial invasion of Afghanistan that our civilian and military leadership pushed too fast to put an Afghani face on everything.  US leadership didn’t see the real need to completely destroy the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.  Phase IV they called it, “Reconstruction”.  Were we in fact in a position to begin that phase?  No we weren’t.   As this agenda was pushed we in the field were still getting rocketed and shot at.

It hasn’t been since WWII that we understood that victory in war must be total.  If it is not total it will continue indefinitely.  For some reason beginning with Korea the goal has been to get into a fight then run away at the first opportunity, leaving a damn mess.  At least Korea was a cease fire.

We quit Afghanistan twice.  After the Soviets decided the place simply wasn’t worth the blood we yelled victory and left before they could get their country in order and the Taliban took over.  Our promises, our assets and any chance of influence were gone.

This time we reduced our numbers and NATO took over.  With a new policy that somehow believed if we just ask them to be nice they would certainly take that chance and go away.  What the Taliban actually saw was weakness and started taking back villages.  This happened all while Coalition forces watched.  I’m sure the ground troops knew they would have to go back in and clean up again at some point.

Soon American forces will be back in Afghanistan with a larger force but will America be back with them?  And if not, how will we ever win?  Politicians will continue to use these wars as political leverage rather than a rally to finish what we start.

Bad idea from Turkey

The Turkish leader said he supported integration efforts but people’s differences must be accepted.

“In Germany, it should be possible for high schools to be set up where the teaching is in Turkish,” Erdogan said, adding he also favored the idea of Turkish-language universities in Germany.

If Germany were to accept this idea they would be done for. Its a bad idea here in America and a bad idea there. If you want to live in a country learn their language and quit blaming the host nation for your problems.

But this really is about much more than schools an language. It about a migration of ideologies. That the socialist left have heaped on Europe and tried in America. Let them win and the world will not be a nice place in a few years.

“Brought to Iraq the worst of America…”

One of Washington’s most prominent conservative lawyers, sent to Iraq to help the fledgling democracy develop its legal and judicial institutions, has charged in a blistering memo to U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker that the State Department and Foreign Service have “brought to Iraq the worst of America — our bureaucrats” and become “an albatross around the neck of the Coalition command.”

Humm.  I haven’t read the memo but sounds promising so far.  I have little doubt based on just the initial paragraph that this guys is on to something.  Of course for us here it’s kind of a no shitter.  But hey someone with the balls to write it down from the inside.  Nice.

Drunk voting, at least you’ll feel good that way.

With Mitt Romney suspending his presidential campaign it appears John McCain will be the GOP candidate. I have stated in the past I will never vote for McCain. This is true and I will not. In past elections I criticized those that did not vote saying in essence they did vote but for the other party’s candidate. Well I stand by that also. I must say my vote whether at the polling booth or at my home will not be for McCain regardless.

The Republican leadership is dead or at least in hiding. Have you seen them anywhere? I haven’t.

I am in general a conservative. I don’t believe in many of the high profile conservative causes but I do believe in the basics of limited government, low taxes and national security. There isn’t one candidate now that holds to those objectives. I mean all three of them. Just one won’t do.

I don’t care about the abortion issue, I think immigration is a huge problem but don’t subscribe to a wall necessarily.

I don’t think we need more laws but rather fewer laws that we actually enforce.

So this election has very little to do with me. If you think Iraq is the key issue I would suggest Iraq is already forgotten.

In the end I will be drunk voting. If Stephen Green can drunk blog I can drunk vote. I doubt the election will be adversely affected.