Christmas 2007, Iraq

Hello everyone, it’s Christmas once again.  Today I tried to think of how many times I’ve been away from home on Christmas.  It has certainly been a few.  We used to joke that we only deployed during the holidays.  But that was before the wars. Deployments were a bit different then.  Still over the 21 total years I’ve been doing this a lot of time has been spent away from home.  I don’t say that with regret or sadness.  It’s just a way of life I suppose.

Being away during these times sure makes you appreciate what you have back home though.  Often one forgets how good we have it.  But as I look around at a country fighting to just have clean drinking water and a little peace I’m thankful for my home.

Unfortunately I developed a cold yesterday and it’s taking its toll.  With an achy body and stuffed up head I hope to push on through the week and continue to work.

Luckily my time here has generally been busy.  I do the normal act of crossing out days on a calendar and have found that I’m usually so busy that I cross out two or three days at one time.  This is a good thing.  I’ve also decided not to place the entire calendar on the wall.  It doesn’t seem so bad when you can’t see all the months at once.

So, to all of you that pass by this site I wish you a Merry Christmas.  I appreciate the comments and the thoughts.


U.N. find Fraud. Wow, I need a new category, the “no shit” cat.

U.N. Finds Fraud, Mismanagement in Peacekeeping
Task Force Says ‘Multiple Instances’ of Corruption Have a Cost of $610 Million
This is an organization that has been designed for corruption. No surprises here. Yet will any real changes take place? Well if history is an indicator don’t expect much.

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Another strike against Huckabee for me

CONCORD, N.H. — Mike
Huckabee, who has joked about his lack of foreign policy experience, is
criticizing the Bush administration’s efforts, denouncing a go-it-alone
“arrogant bunker mentality” and questioning decisions on Iraq.

He adds that the U.S. can
exploit the Iranian government’s hunger for regional clout, saying, “We
cannot live with al-Qaida, but we might be able to live with a
contained Iran.”

“American foreign policy needs to change its tone and attitude, open up, and reach out,” Huckabee said. “The Bush administration’s
arrogant bunker mentality has been counterproductive at home and
abroad. My administration will recognize that the United States’ main
fight today does not pit us against the world but pits the world
against the terrorists.”

Nope, not my guy. The Bush’s bunker mentality has been just about the only force in the free world willing to deal with Terrorism and free nations from tyranny. Bush’s administration has made some big mistakes but a bunker mentality on Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran hasn’t been one of them.

Now the previous military strategy of bunker FOBs? That’s a different subject altogether.

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Ron Silver hits it again.

Ron Silver goes up a notch every time I read a posting by him. 


The critics of our national security policies know we have the means to
sort things out in finding the proper balance between civil liberties
and security. What they haven’t figured out is how to deal with the
real enemy so they avoid talking about it. They don’t like what we’re
doing but they offer nothing else. I believe they’re afraid to take on
our real adversaries.

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My take on the Presidential race at this point.

Who could I vote for as President?

Thompson  YES  So far I like his positions, would he actually make a good president?         
Guliani       YES  A little too liberal for me but acceptable        
Romney     NO             
Huckabee   NO  Hell no          
Hunter       NO             
Keyes        NO but I like love to listen to him speak            
MaCain      NO  Never         
Tancredo   NO No chance

Clinton         Never  No need to really comment on this one.
Obama         Never  Nothing there even with Oprah
Dodd            Never No chance
Richardson    Never  No chance
Edwards       Never 
Kuchinich      Never Nutjob

You can see a pattern here?

Overall I’m not happy with the candidate selection but then what type of person wants this job?

Now I realize that my opinion will probably effect the outcome of this election.  In fact I would bet within minutes of this posting the polls in Iowa have changed dramatically.  I can only say people you must think for yourselves.  While I’m sure you see the wisdom in my choices you must come to the same conclusion on your own. 

😉 😉

Ok on a serious note:  My thoughts are the Hillary will devour Obama and all the attention he is receiving right now is the media trying to make the Democratic nomination look like a real race.

On the GOP side I think the media has tried to make it look like less of a race.  Why?  I doubt the general media cares who the GOP nominee is. 


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(D)Sanchez rises again…

So Gen. Sanchez will speak at the democratic convention.  Well that explains a lot.  He was at the helm in Iraq while it tanked.  Now progress is being made and all he can do is criticize the current strategy.  Humm

Sanchez has been a controversial figure since 2004, when he was linked to the investigation of detainee abuse at the
Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad. His alignment with the Democratic party comes amid reports that Sanchez is preparing to write a book about his experiences.

A book huh?  Titled “how I almost lost the war only to have someone better take my place” maybe?  Just saying…

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The Krissoff Family

Marine Officer Nathan Krissoff, 25 died 9 Dec 06
Brother is a Marine Officer
Father volunteers to join the Navy

Months after Nathan’s death, his father, Bill Krissoff, decided
to honor his son by closing his orthopedic practice and join the Navy
as a combat surgeon. He and his wife are selling the family home and
moving to San Diego. There was only one problem. The 61 year old needed
an age waiver and it was stuck in red tape.

Read the whole thing.

But Wow.

TIP Gazingattheflag

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Evel is gone

A legend is dead. I was unable until today to see that Evel Knievel died. When I think of Evel I think back as a child riding my bicycle over numerous ramps. Sometimes making the jump and sometimes failing. In failing there was still the triumph of taking the chance. That’s what Evel was, the spirit to take the chance even when scared to death, getting up when broken and battered to do it again.

Evel Kneivel lead and imperfect life. He had it all at times and threw it all away other times. This is part of what made him a legend. He didn’t conform or take the safe route. RIP