Who are our enemies?

Why is it so hard for America to identify its enemies?  While we try to build a democratic Iraq, Syria and Iran continue to fund much of the chaos in Iraq as well as Lebanon and Palestinian areas.  We are unable to confront Iran and Syria.  Why?  It seems many are worried about adding more enemies to the fight.  Do we want to make more enemies?  Of course not, but what is missed is that they are actively fighting us now. 

Who believes that Iraqis alone would kill their own people in the ways we see today?  In recent days we have seen the Iraqi’s fighting against the foreign invaders. Not Americans but Iranian, Syrian, Saudi, Pakistani and others that are targeting the populace.  Information on Al-Qaeda cells is being supplied by Iraqis to Iraqis. 

The Islamic Revolution began in Iran and that is the central point we should be concentrating on.  Yet the diplomats speak of negotiations.  As usual they depend on appeasement which has never worked.  Where are people like this produced I wonder.  Are diplomats and lawyers which seem control most political think tanks sent to some special camp to re-educate them into the ways of defeat?  I don’t know but it sure is irritating.

CNN recently produced a special of “God’s Warriors”.  The report has a day each on the top three religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Now what Christian Warriors did they dwell on.  Humm well I saw some anti-abortions people that blew up a few clinics.  Does this compare to thousands killed by radical Islamist?  I don’t think so.  Yet each religion appears to have their own “God’s Warriors”.  I have yet to see a Jewish or Christian army killing indiscriminately. 

Another thing that bothers me is the many Fatwas issued against the US.  We hear of them, we see them written and yet we don’t touch those issuing these declarations of war on the US. Why is that?  Why is it a standard policy to ignore those that would destroy us?  I guess if we close our eyes it will all go away. 

One year of moral / political strength could stop much of what we fight today.  But unfortunately we in the western world don’t have that kind of strength at least not at a political level.  The war in Iraq may continue for many years not because it has to but because we have become weak in mind and spirit.  Modern liberal self doubt is killing us.

It’s not that I don’t have hope but until the general population in the US stands up for victory and the defeat of terrorist it will be a much harder fight.



I will be posting soon.  I hope….. really. 

Notes from the zone

Ok. So the team is sitting around the team room conducting mission planning. It’s a relatively diverse team and the music often reflects this. So at one point the music comes on and it’s Dean Martin’s “Thats Amore”. Ok the funny thing is nearly all the team is singing along. I guess the standards really are. Its just funny seeing white, black, young and old (25 to 42) guys all singing along with a song thats 40+ years old. But hey Dino was the real deal.

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