Iraq, Pakistan

I’m unfortunately not in a position to say a lot about the current happenings in Iraq lately.  I’ve been in a bit of a news blackout.  But in the few minutes I get to check the web I see some pretty interesting items.  With the capture of the number one Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the revolution that the real leaders of Al-Qaeda in Iraq were not Iraqi’s at all isn’t really a surprise. 

While the Congress (both the Republicans and Democrats) play BS games the war goes on.  There are many things happening that simply aren’t getting coverage.  I suggest a look at Michael Yon, Bill Roggio and Pat Dollard for some real incite into how things are changing on the ground. 

The problem is that while progress is being made in many area’s we still haven’t acknowledged that fact that we will have to deal with Syria and Iran at some point or none of the gains made will take hold.  Iran for example only has to facilitate the killing of a few innocent civilians a week to create an atmosphere of instability.  Politicians seem to be so far into the election cycle they refuse to see what’s before their own eyes.  This is also no surprise. 

Then there is Pakistan.  Humm.  This is interesting.  It seems the appeasement approach Gen. Mushariff hasn’t worked out so well for him.  You see fanatics don’t want to make progress they want to conquer.  If he would have allowed us to follow Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces into the Waziristan area in the beginning he probably wouldn’t be facing the Islamist up-rising now.  Then again maybe so but we would have finished it years ago. 

Anyway forgive any grammar or spelling errors as I’m typing this on battery in a hot miserable place by the moonlight.  Well ok there are some camp lights up.

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Religion and me

Ok I’d like to take a little time to talk about religion. I know what the hell am I thinking. Well here’s what I was thinking today. There are a whole lot of religious people that believe that if you don’t believe their way you are doomed to eternal hell. These same people tend to be very unforgiving and rather hateful. I just finished an article on another blog that talked of the Music of Johnny Cash and the Catholic Church. The article was interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. What really got my attention were the comments. The self righteous rant against Cash as an unrepentant sinner and how those not of the Church were basically doomed.

Since I’m not Catholic or a Christian (devout agnostic) I assume I’m one of the doomed. This is ok since I suspect if one must be Catholic to enter heaven I won’t be lonely in hell. But of course this isn’t about Catholicism it’s about organized religion where power is more important than the message. It could be any religion such as the religion of peace or hell any number of Baptist. Now I’m not comparing those directly as recently we’ve seen Islam has some straight up evil MFs in large numbers.

Here is my deal, pray for me if you wish, preach of love and helping others and I’m with ya. Call for the destruction of others because they don’t believe as you and you are my enemy regardless of your religion. Oh and you’re an ass to boot. If you tell me you know the heart of God you better be levitating when you say it.

Some questions on the WAR

How do you fight an enemy that doesn’t attack you but innocent people that may or may not be around you? How do you fight an enemy that finds nearly everyone other than them the enemy? How do you fight an enemy when your leaders won’t acknowledge who and what the enemy is? How can you expect to win while courting the enemy within your own country? How can you defeat the enemy when you’re afraid to offend them?

By all accounts our military on the ground in this war on terror are doing a pretty impressive job. But they continue to be hampered by political considerations that are not designed to win but to not offend. We are more aggressive in seeking out and prosecuting our own then those that support our enemy.

We know where the materials, training and often manpower is coming from yet have not faced this open enemy with anything other than idle threats and talk. That’s not how you win.

Just some questions and thoughts this morning.

Pakistan, Briton weakness….

While I disagreed with much of Tony Blair’s administration it seems that the new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has given up the fight on terror already. To think that one cannot call a Muslim Terrorist Muslim seems to deny the truth. Briton is already in a world of trouble. Their immigration policies have created pockets of potential terrorist and yet they continue to create laws to hamstring the general public. That’s general law abiding public. Tony a least gave lip service to the War on Terror. Of course many of the politically correct laws were enacted while he was in office.

I guess for those in the west it’s difficult to understand a religious war. The concept doesn’t hold much sway in a society that treats religion as a social event and fund raiser.

Pakistani President Musharraf reportedly will allow US forces to cross into Pakistan to attack Taliban sites. With the Red Mosque incident currently underway perhaps he see’s an end to the Taliban as his only way to maintain control. Of course had he done this a few years ago we might not be still fighting Taliban in Afghanistan now.

The interesting thing in Afghanistan is that the Taliban routinely get their asses kicked, now by Coalition and Afghan troops. I’m talking about losing hundreds of Taliban turds to relatively few coalition forces loses. You’d think the pure lose of life would straighten them out. But you see this is why the ability to name and accurately describe the enemy is so important. If this was purely political or purely about power they would back away and truly regroup. But they can’t. They can’t because of religious fervor that must be continually appeased or it will die out.

Anyway lots more will certainly die before this is over. The liberal left will blame the west while third world Neanderthals will get victim status in the media. Poor fellas.