Real News

Ok, I’ve found a few minutes to post. Since I’ve been in a bit of an information blackout it may be tough to comment on anything useful.

The one thing I would like to comment on is the media coverage of Operation Arrowhead RipperIt seems the only place to find out anything on this operation is Blogs like Michael Yon or Bill Roggio And the CENTCOM web site of course.  But where is the MSM? Is this not news? What the hell. 

Today while driving out to the range listening to someone’s satellite radio all the news was Paris Hilton and someone that killed someone over a board game. While that might be news to some I would think to the general population that is fluff and what I want is news. The few minutes I get to hear news I don’t want to hear about Hollywood or dumb-asses that shoot people over games.

I also don’t generally don’t want to hear political candidates spouting this week’s talking points.Exclude Fred Thompson from that list however since his ABC postings and podcast have been great.

Anyway training has been long and tiring but good.  It’s been hot as hell and days that feel like they never end.


Not really in the net right now

Sorry folks but Im a bit busy to post. Frankly I haven’t seen much news lately either. But I have sent a few rounds downrange. 😉

I hope to update more this coming weekend but kind of depends on a number of things.

My email connections kind of stinks in my location at the moment.

I will be back in a while though.