Kill them all?

Robert Mitchim say’s it all.  “what’s the alternative’?.  “the alternative is to kill them”, “if they don’t learn kill them”.  Damn!  Not that I disagree…..

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What do Americans want?

Do most Americans want us out of Iraq? It continues to be thrown around the media that Americans want out. But are they phrasing the question that way to mislead? Do media types and the left use only the useful results of polls to criticize the war? Of course they do. But I still wonder. My question is do most Americans want us out in defeat?

There is certainly a part of me that wants us out of there. But I want us flying away with the smoking remnants of Al-Qeada and all other insurgents drifting into the air. I want the US to leave with a nation left behind that benefits the world in a good way not filled with suicidal murdering assholes bent on killing all who think differently then them.

We cannot close ourselves off from the world anymore. As much as I’d like it, isolation isn’t possible anymore. We don’t have the balls to close off our borders so we better be willing to stop these maniacs well before they get close.

Or we can just sit back and wait till more citizens’ die and the whining little sheep begin bitching about how we didn’t do enough to stop the big bad wolves.

A thought just hit me though. Maybe the sheep need slaughtering now and then. Just to cull out the weak ones.

Monday night ramble….

Yeah folks I haven’t been writing much. It’s been hard to concentrate and write anything worthwhile and not just bitching. Hell even I get tired of doing that. Frankly I’ve been trying to spend as much time with the family as possible right now. I have to admit that hasn’t been easy with all that’s going on. Many nights I get home and all I want to do is jump in bed and sleep. I wish it was from the massive physical activity I’m doing but unfortunately it’s more often from fighting the system (with BS paperwork). I won’t go into it as it’s boring as hell.


Sitting in the Team room today we were talking about body armor. I’m pretty happy with what we have. It’s ten times what we had just a few years ago. The debate on Dragon skin and the rest proved one thing, body armor is expensive. Which is better? Well that depends on which lobbyist you listen to I guess. It is all heavy though.


I was browsing the Internet Instapundit pointed back to a great site and the always excellent articles of Eject Eject Eject. Check this one out. It will bring some back some hope, if like me you have had times of frustration. I sure wish I could write like that. Hell I wish I could think like that. I sure hope the Remnant is real. You’ll have to read the article to understand.


Will Fred Thomson run? Well that I can’t say but his Internet presence is being felt and frankly he has some of the best stuff out there. His response to Michael Moore’s challenge to debate was classic. I personally think he’s one of the brighter spots in the GOP which is a freaking mess.


Quick thoughts:

Lebanon: Humm interesting?

Jimmy Carter: lime light seeking dumb-ass

Immigration Bill: Amnesty


Anyway that’s my Monday night ramble.

War, Iraq, abortion and Tony Blair

As things move along here time on the PC has dropped a bit. So this is one of the occasional multiple issue commentaries.

Rudy Giuliani and abortion:

I’ve never thought abortion should be a major issue in Presidential campaigns. The President can only appoint judges to the Supreme Court and hope they decide his way. That has not turned out as planned on many occasions. Abortion also only affects a small percentage of the overall population. It seems to me we have a number of more pressing issues than overturning Roe V Wade.

I am not an abortion supporter and believe in general they do more harm than good but I’m not prepared to vote on a single issue like this one.

My concern with Rudy’s position is not whether his supports R V W but is his position consistent and if not what changed his mind.

Tony Blair stepping down:

Tony Blair has been one of the United States strongest allies. From a foreign policy standpoint it’s sad to see him go. But I can’t say I like what has happened to England during his time in office.

Islamist seem to have found a home in the heart of freedom. Laws have turned against the common man in favor of foreign religious nuts. The left there have embraced the idea of hate crimes to the extent that saying anything against an ethnic group at all is punishable. That is not a good sign.

So while I am thankful for the support of Tony Blair in times of War I’m hoping the Labour Party is not a successful one for England.

Funding the War:

I’m watching this as much as anyone, well ok maybe a little more than some as it may directly affect me. Allahpundit has some depressing info over at HOTAIR.

– Iraqi lawmakers calling for a timetable

– Iraqi lawmakers taking a little two month vacation

– Dems still playing games on funding

I think I’ll just turn off the news for a while……