Showdown in Washington

WASHINGTON (AP) – Defying a fresh veto threat, the Democratic-controlled Congress will pass legislation within days requiring the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq beginning Oct. 1, with a goal of completing the pullout six months later, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday.

So will the debate over Iraq come to a head?  Who will blink?  Of course I think Harry Reid is wrong.  He along with many others was onboard when it was convenient but jumped ship for purely political reasons.  They smell blood and they may be right.  President Bush seems very weak right now. 

I think a showdown would be a good thing.  Let’s find out once and for all where America stands.  Let the left call for withdrawal. Let the President respond.  Then let the American public make their call. That is if they can pull themselves away from American Idol long enough to notice there is a war being fought. 

I have no illusions the American public with make the right decision. I have little faith in the American people these days. Sorry but this is not the America of rugged individuals. We are soft and weak. We take the easy way out instead of the hard right way too often. We are afraid of offending those that would kill us.

The elite are more worried about their next party dresses while the poor have been trained to beg for handouts. Somewhere in the middle there are good people but are their enough left who care.


Colorado Freedom Memorial

Check out the Colorado Freedom Memorial

On May 19, 2007, several thousand motorcycle riders will ride from locations across the state to the site of the Colorado Freedom Memorial to kick-off the one-year countdown to the CFM dedication!

The Colorado Freedom Memorial gives us all a place to pay respects to the memory of those that did not return. The Memorial will be constructed of glass that will reflect Colorado’s mountains and blue skies. 14-feet tall and 125-feet long, the glass panels will be etched with the names of the over 6000 who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Privates, Generals, MIAs, Civilians, all wars and all branches of service, honored in one place. There is NO memorial in America like it.

I can’t believe I’m in a change of command that day.  WTH……

Obligatory Don Imus post

I’ve never really like Don Imus. I used to catch part of his show in the mornings before work years ago but lost interest. I found him kind of a bore. His humor wasn’t really funny and he just spent hours putting people down. CBS and MSNB certainly had the right to fire him. As sponsors began dropping it was probably inevitable. But the media pile on seems excessive and the political activist attacking is just self promotion.

What he said was stupid, but did it really hurt the Rutgers team? If it did they aren’t much of a team and certainly not very tough. The thing that bothers me is the false anger over someone saying something stupid. The reaction is as childish as the statement. We have given up adulthood for political correctness.

Imus may be a bigot, he may be a racist he is certainly an ass but where was the outrage when he continually insulted others, usually conservatives. Why is this insult worse than his others? Is it just because of race? Humm, is that the way it should be?

By the way, while I didn’t like his show, I liked the look of the MSNBC set. The colors and contrast were great to look at.

What to do with Iran?

The US military has once again claimed Iran is training and supporting insurgents in Iraq. The evidence continues to build. In fact I’ve found very few people who doubt this at all. The military has actually been saying this for a long time. So why have we done nothing about it? I’m not talking small operations that we don’t hear much of, I’m talking about the administration coming out forcefully in a big way?

LTC (ret) Oliver North suggest that oil is the reason. That we will not challenge Iran for fear of the shutting down of Iranian oil and the disruption this would cause the world and our economies. So would we ever take on Iran in a strong manner? Could we ever expect the EU or UN to ever support and enforce tough sanctions? Well we certainly don’t see any sign of this happening.

In the mean time we are seeing Iraqi’s and US soldiers killed daily but what could be many Iranian trained fighters and bomb makers using Iranian material. If we are not willing to face the Iranians what are we doing? Just asking.

Subpoena for Gonzales

So a subpoena has been issued to Attorney General Gonzales. More information is requested on the firing of those eight US attorneys, but for what legal reason? Is there a crime here? Even if it’s determined that the firings were political what law was broken? These are political appointees. Yet Democrats in congress continue with this witch-hunt.

I suppose getting a emergency spending bill passed to support troops currently in harms way would be too..icky.

But this is what we asked for isn’t it? Didn’t we vote for a congress that would spend endless time on hearings, a non-stop assault on the administration and desire to pull out of Iraq? Why isn’t more of America happy?

I guess there are no good sales at the mall this week.

Music while I look around

Sunday morning musical line up while reading the news:

Bob Dylan : Knocking on heavens door

Johnny Rodriguez: Get up and close the door

Alice Cooper: Nothings Free

Billy Ray Cyrus: Some gave all (quit laughing the some is good)

Kenni Thomas: Band of Brothers

Late afternoon line up: 

 Johnny Cash: Bridge over trouble water

Tesla: Come to me

Roger waters: Sunset Strip

AC/DC: Walk all over you

Alice Cooper: Cleansed by fire

Chris Isaak: Blue Spanish Sky

Moody Blues: nights in White Satin

British shame, (Sailors and Marines sell out)

Giving up and selling out 

It has been suggested that it’s wrong to question the actions of the 15 British Sailors and Marines that were illegally captured by Iran. We don’t know what they went through and to suggest they should have done less to cooperate with the Iranians would be unfair, so we must stand by and just gives thanks they are all right.

While some rush to condemn those that would say the actions of those captured was not helpful and in fact was detrimental to the foreign policy of not only Briton but the West in general, these same freed Sailors and Marines now appear to be selling their stories to the British Tabloids.

Can we question this? Or would it be too insensitive to wonder how the humiliation of a nation should be turned into financial gain for those directly involved in that humiliation?

In the US military we have the code of conduct. This is a guideline that not only protects the information and propaganda enemies of your country may gain from capturing US soldiers but also to retain some self dignity of our soldiers. While the code gives no timeline for holding out if followed it will be easy to say I did my best. Can these 15 say the same? Those Sailor and Marines that were willing to give up so easily and smile for the Iranian cameras then sell their humiliation should be ashamed.

I was willing to at least hold some judgment till more info came out but they are not helping their own cause.

Iran wins again

Anyone who has spent anytime in the Middle East knows how well they can haggle. Diplomacy whether at the market place or in politics is an art there. It’s not that they get what they want all the time but they will make you feel like you got a deal regardless of the actual outcome. Sometimes the outlandishness of their claims seem laughable yet at the end of the day you always seem to be carrying something home.

Iran has shown time and time again the ability to push the brink and yet come away with victories. As much as I despise their ideology and their culture in general I must give them a nod on the political brashness front.

The 15 British Sailors and Marines are to be freed and this is good news. Yet what price was extracted for this freedom and who will benefit from this event? I believe the Iranians once again diverted attention from other problems, came away with British confession and an overall propaganda win.  The British look like weak cowards. Please understand I don’t think the British are but they lost completely in this round of political warfare. The US didn’t fare much better. Even if it was pressure from the US and Briton that may have ultimately freed these hostages (I’m not convince it was) the propaganda war is killing us.

The Western governments still after all this time don’t understand the people of the Middle East, their own here at home or the power of words used effectively.

Long days

There are days it’s easy to get discouraged. In the last month I’ve had a cough that turned into a chest cold that has taken a lot of my energy. At the same time it has been very busy at work and the frustration there has been high. Add to this the daily news and you have a recipe for depression. Normally a nice dry Martini would do the trick but when you’re coughing even that doesn’t work. Yeah I know can it be so? Well yes it’s true.

I turned to a novel for relief and found some help in WEB Griffins “Hostage”. It was a nice diversion but unfortunately I read too fast and that was only help for a couple days. I also have the Federalist Papers next to my nightstand and while it’s interesting reading when you’re sick it’s a bit dry.

Luckily in the last few days I’ve started feeling better. Not 100% but better.

So feeling better I was able to attend my son’s soccer practice. I felt for the coach working with 3 and 4 year olds. But they all seemed to have fun if not completely grasping the rules of the game. I’m not real concerned since this is only a filler till he’s old enough to start some martial arts. I mean soccer? Come on that’s not American. Ok, just kidding there. I played soccer growing up and it’s a great cardio sport.

My co-worker suggested I write about Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria but you know I don’t feel like cussing right now. So this little bit will have to do.