House vote, Al-Qeada, John McCain, Britney

House vote:

At the completion of the non-binding vote in the House on Friday I was set to write some thoughts on this dangerous vote. I began three or four times only to stop as my rant would ramble in many directions. The words I wrote down would not in all probability fit with my Active Duty status. While Uncle Jimbo (at can get away with a colorful rant (which I’m generally in 100% agreement) I try to restrain myself. I want to actually see a retirement check someday.

So I’ll condense and edit to a much smaller and hopefully more concise non-rant.

The House passed a resolution that from a legislative standpoint does very little. But it does give support to our enemies. That is a shame and should be a crime. I will not support any of these congressmen and women ever.

The Democrats have shown their plan is to de-fund the war in increments. John Murtha the disgraceful Ex-Marine would slowly bleed the war effort. He is their figure head. Which is appropriate as the ABSCAM investigation showed his trustworthiness. Britt Hume gave a short and quick slap at this idiot on FOX News Sunday.

Those on the side of Victory had better start stepping up in larger numbers or we and a nation are heading down a sad and dangerous road.

I will never vote for a Democrat but I have to give them some credit. They are the only political Party with the balls to fight in the political war here at home.

Al-Qeada is building a bigger better network:

Well this is kind of a no-shitter. If you won’t get them where you know they live they will well continue to live. We’ve known where they are for the entire Afghanistan campaign. Political weakness again folks.

Is John McCain’s website a salute to Nazi propaganda? Nah, it’s a clean looking site. It’s actually better than most. No, I still won’t ever vote for him. This argument that the lack of color is somehow like the Nazi iconic images shows me that some who I often like to read have a bit too much time on their hands.

Britney Speers:This is just another Hollywood train wreck in the making.

Anna Nicole: Apparently I’m the only one that didn’t sleep with her.

Sadder is that these two get so much Media attention. You know there are lots of smart hardworking people out there that could generate decent news that truly has an effect on others real lives. But the media doesn’t think that way.


Shorts and snow don’t mix


Ok this is just funny. I say that while 3 inches of snow once again covers my truck. I heard a guy on the radio yesterday say you can’t look at the cold weather in a few places and discount global warming, but I guess you can look at warming in a few places to justify it. Since we really haven’t been able to track weather for that long seems the global warming is more political than anything else. Well till it warms up here I guess I’ll grab my fleece before heading to the gym. Hummm

Political and moral weakness is our enemy.

 Gen. Pace: No Evidence Iran Directly Arming Insurgents in Iraq

Pace told reporters in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, that U.S. forces hunting militant networks in Iraq that produced roadside bombs had arrested Iranians and some of the materials used in the devices were made in Iran.

“That does not translate that the Iranian government per se, for sure, is directly involved in doing this,” Pace said. “What it does say is that things made in Iran are being used in Iraq to kill coalition soldiers.”

 You want to know why we can’t get a grip on Iraq? Here it is. General Pace says that evidence of weapons made in Iran doesn’t mean Iran is directly supply Iraq. I guess he could be right. I mean every Joe in Iran probably keeps these weapons in his basement and seeing the evil American just takes time out of his day to drive a few across the border. I mean hell it’s like a day out in the country.

We can’t even stand by the guys in the field producing the evidence. Everyone knows what’s going on there but political weakness is killing us.

I’m not suggesting we attack Iran, not saying we shouldn’t either, but lets not bury our heads in the sand.  Guys on the ground have to deal with this and having hands tied behind our backs makes this a little bit harder.

What is Victory?

Jed Babben has a pretty good piece posted over at the Victory Caucas.  Here’s a bit of it.

Mr. Bush’s democratization strategy, naïve and Wilsonian, has put us on defense strategically.  His original formulation – that nations are either with us or against us – has been whittled away to a confrontation-cum-engagement strategy that enables Iran to offer cooperation in Iraq while buying time to build nuclear weapons.  It enables Syria to remain a helpful partner to Iraqi insurgents. 

Victory means ending – by force if necessary – state sponsorship of terrorism. Nothing more, nothing less.  Over to you, ladies and gents.

It’s well worth the read. 

What I’m listening to on a Friday night

True love travels on a gravel road – Elvis

Hard times and misery – Travis Tritt

Your my temptation – Alice Cooper

The Man comes around – Johnny Cash

Give my love to Rose – Johnny Cash

I never knew lonely – Vince Gill

Spanish Eyes – Willi and Julio

Band of Brothers – Keni Thomas

Crossroad blues – Robert Johnson

Nothings Free – Alice Cooper

Phoenix, Vietnam, and a good lunch

It’s been tough to post lately. While it’s true I’ve been extremely busy I’ve also been a bit depressed. The constant barrage of Anti-American / Anti-freedom garbage spewed by weak kneed Politicians is disturbing. While another deployment inches closer those that would destroy liberty seem to have the political and propaganda lead. We train, we study and we hear the voices of those that claim support for the troops yet in truth wish our demise. I hope to meet some of these support the troops not the war types some day.

On a good note. I was recently in Phoenix Arizona and while traveling back to Colorado we received exceptional treatment from Frontier Airlines. I wasn’t in Uniform but was able to watch my cohorts enjoy a round of applause and one lucky B****d got free JD the whole ride back. You’d have thought he would have shared a little.. lol In the airport, waiting for our plane we had some lunch and a beer, the waitress informed us our bill had been paid by the lady walking away. I wish we could have thanked her. Then moments later a fellow came up to us and said he was a Vietnam Vet and thanked us. I guess he might have had it harder than us in the homecoming department.So every day you fight the influence of the MSM and the traitorous Politicians and it’s the real people you meet working for a living that keep you going.