Sure glad I’m not on the winning side.

Seems like lots of bad guys dying in Iraq lately.
Iran and Al-Qaeda better hope we hurry up and lose this before their numbers reach zero.  Never fear though the US Congress is on the job so there is hope.


Run away….

National Guard commander in arizona to testify about border confrontation

What happened? That’s an easy question to answer. The National Guard was sent on a political mission that was complete bullshit. When confronted with armed illegal’s the Guard didn’t have the means or the authority to even defend themselves. It’s a F*****g disgrace that this mission was ever authorized and further more shows the lack of leadership in the National Guard which should have raised the BS flag right away.

There is no effort to actually protect our border.

Just my thoughts anyway.

US forces turn on Iranians

President George W Bush has ordered US forces to launch a military offensive against Iranian officials and Revolutionary Guards officers behind a support and funding network for anti-American fighters in Iraq.

This is of course no surprise but the fact the Telegraph actually quotes a “Senior Offcial” as saying,  the evidence found in the possession of the Iranians is essentially a smoking gun is new in the media.  Usually this is deep within the story. 

From Iraq to Lebanon, Iran’s continues to ferment hate and chaos. For some reason many wish to ignore this and the consequences of looking the other way.

While the acknowledgement by a MSM outlet is good the real news is the fact that we appear to be targeting one of the main supporters of violence in Iraq. The article points out that the Iranians seem to be supporting not just the Shia but Sunni insurgents as well.

Hopefully the targeting of Iranians will continue and the inclusion of Syrians will begin.

BTW, as I’ve said over and over, Sadr must go. I prefer dead.

Just do it!

Party politics:

The Democrat Party with the media which really is the same have done everything possible to lose the War on Terror and the Fight in Iraq. The have opposed every initiative only to reverse themselves when the administration changes direction exactly as they request. Every move they make is purely for political gain.

Having said that it is this, a Republican, administrations job to win this war, to put forth the goals and the end state clearly and then allocate the resources and plan to attain that end state regardless of the political outcome. It would be nice if the government and political parties were united, winning would be much easier then but they are not. It would be nice if every politician wasn’t looking out for their next election but they are.


If your Generals are not winning your war, change them. If the plan isn’t succeeding change it. Mistakes will be made, change directions and worry about the mistakes after the war is won. If the cause is important and losing is not an option than we must fight it with the same attitude. This has not happened.

I’ll use football to illustrate this point although generally I don’t like doing this. But if you have your game plan and by the second half it’s not working you better change it or you will surely lose. Good coaches understand this. They often change things up. Winners don’t stick to a plan that doesn’t work. This does not mean you change everything your doing but it means stay alert to openings and your own weaknesses.

Fight to win:

If you’re not willing to win a fight, don’t get into it.

We have restricted our military to only certain targets and then wonder why we don’t see more results. It’s like we are afraid to confront the real enemy. You can’t win by avoiding the fight.

We made a mistake by too early trying to put an Iraq face on this. It was not Iraqi’s that removed Saddam, we did that. We cannot wait for a government that is not fully established or and army still in it’s infancy to do this for us. They may need to step up but we need to remind them there will be consequences if they don’t.

We have not shown strength but weakness. This is not just the fault of the President but the country as a whole. We have become weak. Perhaps in some ways the left is right. We may deserve what we are getting now. Since we cannot stand up for what is right anymore. We fight till it gets hard then we just quit. It’s very frustrating because those who are doing the real fighting are willing and able to win this. Perhaps we should have elected John Kerry; he may more accurately reflect the American public today.

Is there hope?

I truly hope the “new” strategy will be implemented and the restrictions removed. But damn I’m sick of every politician afraid to say the truth be they Republican or Democrat. If we are going to target Iranians in Iraq or Syrians than we need to just say it and do it. If the Iraqi militias are a problem, destroy them. It’s that simple. But never send up a trail balloon to see how it goes over.

The Presidents Speech on the “Surge”

Ok it’s time to say something I guess. The President gave his speech on the Iraq war and the surge the other night. I don’t like to comment too quickly on these speeches. It often takes me a day or two to decide what I think about all the small parts of a speech. I’ll comment on a couple items regarding the speech, the plan and the media coverage.

In the delivery of the speech President Bush was normal. By that I mean he’s not great at giving speeches like this one. If you put him in front of a military crowd and let him go he does well but national speeches like this he seems tense and too monotone. So while it wasn’t bad, what he said is more important it was just ok.

Very seldom does a speech completely outline a real plan of any kind and this speech was no different. It did lay out some items and hint at others. The 20+ thousand troops to be added to the mix certainly will bolster our ground forces and give ground commanders more options to work with. How these troops are used it the key. Is 20K enough to hold the ground and develop the relationship needed with local communities? It will certainly be better than what we have now.

The fact that the President admitted we have had too many restrictions on the troops working in Iraq is promising. Many have commented on the Rules of Engagement. I believe it’s not the actual ROE but the restriction on what targets they could pursue (Sadr and the various militias) and where they could go that has hindered the progress in Iraq. This must change and if the Presidents words are backed up with real on the ground changes this will be a huge development in the war.

Adding more American advisors to the Iraq forces is also a good idea in my opinion. This has some advantages, one is the fact that we will witness what the troops are doing and can influence their methods and watch for human rights issues that take away from the trust building necessary to win this war. It also builds trust among the Iraq forces and American forces. This has already been taking place but in limited numbers. We have the most professional military in the world and working side by side hopefully some of this will rub off.

Another important issue is the Syrian and Iranian interference. The President didn’t point out many specifics on how we will destroy their networks but again if we are allowed to target their supply lines and remove their agents we will certainly improve the situation dramatically.

We can win this if words are translated into real on the ground action. If not it’s just another speech.

Media coverage:

I don’t have cable so I won’t comment on those networks. The big three and PBS coverage was horrible. I watched as commentator after commentator wrung their hands and shook their heads as if what was being proposed was simply impossible. They have already lost this war and they wish to convince the rest of us that it’s hopeless. It was very irritating to watch. The media had already decided years ago who they wish to win and it isn’t the US.

In the end I know we can win but we can’t win if we are fighting half hearted. We must use the resources we have and worry less about what the world thinks.

AP, Iran and the news nuance

Ok let’s take a look at the un-biased media a moment. In an article by the AP regarding the recent raids on Iranians in Iraq we see this paragraph.Five Iranians were detained by U.S.-led forces this week after a raid on an Iranian government liaison office in northern Iraq, a move that has frayed even further the relations between the two countries. The United States accuses Iran of helping provide roadside bombs that have killed American troops in Iraq, and a bitter standoff already exists over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Notice how they say “a move that has frayed even further the relation between the two countries”? So I guess the shipping of arms, fighters, intelligence agents into Iraq weren’t the real cause of the fray. I guess the continued statements in the media by Iran against the US and others have not frayed relation or the continuation of a nuclear goal.

Nope no biased in this report sorry. I know it’s just a small part of this article but doesn’t it sort of set the tone?

More Taliban killed

It’s reported that as many as 150 Taliban forces were killed crossing the Pakistan border.  The report sites number that range as low as 50 up to the 150 in the headline.  Either way good job. 

Link here

U.S. Forces Detain 5 Iranian Diplomatic Staffers in Overnight Raid in Northern Iraq

Now this is interesting. Humm I’ll have to watch this a little more. Actually a lot of interesting news coming from Iraq, Afghanistan and the surrounding area this morning.

Can’t hang that up….

Where is the tolerance? I have grown up hearing the cries for tolerance. We must be tolerant of those that are not like us, we must be tolerant of those that speak other languages and we must be tolerant of their lifestyles. Yet if a red blooded American wants to hang a picture of a scantly clad individual up in his or her locker in many places (especially the military) you’d think they were preparing to commit genocide the way some people act. The strange thing is that those over reacting are either scared shitless leaders or the same people calling for tolerance. I guess a little nudi picture is just to rough for some. The policies are must stricter than nudes however and anyone who says they are offended must be right. 

Ref: New York Firefighters Outraged by Ban on American Flags, Pictures of Fallen Colleagues on Lockers

This ban will change but still who cares what’s on someones locker?This reminds me of how we must be so tolerant of a certain sect of a religion that is causing much death and destruction around the world, whose lack of basic human rights is an outrage to normal folks yet we are continually told we can’t say anything about the religious aspect of these terrorist and tyrants.

You can’t pin up a nice picture of a beautiful swimsuit clad young lady but you can post hate speech if it’s spoken by a religion of peace.

And we wonder why we are having trouble winning the war in Iraq. Hummm