Nancy in charge?

I was sitting in a hotel lounge eating a prime rib dip watching the election results with about 8 other SF guys.  The mood was frustrating.  There was only one person I could recall that didn’t have a “we’re screwed” mood.  Why?  Well the fact is we have no faith in the Democrat Party.  Now I don’t think it’s hopeless but it’s not real encouraging. 

Then the next day we see SECDEF Rumsfeld’s resignation, another blow.  But this wasn’t unexpected.  While we see problems with the war (hey let loose the chains, remove the conventional Army thought process) but Secretary Rumsfeld was a forceful proponent of SF.  With Robert Gates coming on it’s a mystery what will happen.  Having met CIA types it was a concern for all of us. 

We will see what happens.  Perhaps reality will set in for the Dems and they will see we face a real threat.  Perhaps partisanship will give way to survival.  One can hope. 

I will say the Democrats didn’t win as much as the Republicans completely blew it.  They misread the left and the right.  They had no clue what the middle wanted.  But they knew how to funnel money to their districts and put up a half-assed immigration bill.  They never learned the lessons of Clinton.  But then why should they.  Hell if you do one term you’re set for life so what’s really to lose?


4 thoughts on “Nancy in charge?

  1. I think that everyone that wants us to leave iraq was thinking that the democrats would just get in there and pull us out. Because of how much they insinuated that. But They never even put any type of exit strategy out just…. critisized. I do agree that the way it is going isn’t really working. But I really have doutes that the democrates are going to make any difference. I just think it’s going to stall any progress. Hopefully one day they will put the country’s interests ahead of all their personal gain! And that does go for ALL parties!

  2. Can you imagine if the next change is Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi for the next election !! Dad brought that up today.

  3. I agree 110% about the “conventional army attitude”. This war on terror could be won much more quickly and effectively if they would uncuff the soldiers. I know, I know… It’s not political, and it’s not nice. But as a fellow soldier (albeit, much more high speed than myself), you realize what would happen if we played by the same rules (no rules) as the terrorists. The war would be over by Christmas.
    Will anyone change the way we fight? Probably not, but something needs to happen.

  4. Hey, JB. I say, “Let them have a chance to prove that they’re Americans.” We might as well, right? We have no choice. Good news. Pelosi just had her first loss. Murtha lost in the bid for second chair. hehehe.

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