John Kerry


Ok, I’ll post something on John Kerry. First off while I believe Kerry despises the military I don’t think his intelligence comment was directed at them. But it shows his deep inner anger, anger felt by much of the left. Everything for them is personal. I find this all pretty funny. So much of the Democratic leadership seems mentally unstable. They have embraced the far (wacko) left and left common sense democrats behind. Yet those directing election politics have told them to quiet down. Have you noticed how little you see of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid or others that are normally loud as can be?


The military by large margins seem to reject the Democrat far left. They have been on the receiving end of the rhetoric and don’t like it a bit.


The good side of this event is the results of the true facts about the military and education. A closer look by the media again shows this is not the military John Kerry and his types have put forward their entire life.

So should Kerry be hammered for his statement? Probably not, but noticing the pattern is fine by me.


3 thoughts on “John Kerry

  1. I’ll respect John Kerry when he a) takes down that op-ed prominently displayed on his website that says “Either way, Kerry was right, and b) takes the op-ed writer to task for being a dildo.

    — Uber Pig

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